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what you want to Do?

Probably the most important reason why you are doing this is to have a gathering of your friends and family in a very special setting which you and your guests will remember fondly. Something a bit different! It is not a hotel, village hall or even an expensive marquee. Where there are things to do for all the family including enjoying the countryside, views, games and walks.

We want you to enjoy your event as much as possible and with our experience of running such events there are various aspects that need some thought and planning.

If you book with us then we will can suggest ideas etc to make as your event as cool as possible. We may even be able to save money on your plans as it may have been done here before.

The barn is offered as a blank canvass and this gives you the opportunity to go strong on decoration. LED lights, bunting, fabric, coloured table clothes and ivy are all great and inexpensive to use. The more effort you put in will make a huge difference when the barn comes alive at night to make it your own event.


Have a theme

Whether it is a birthday party or a wedding reception it is great if you can think of a theme. Various themes we have had at the farm:

A Great British Pimms Event, Old School, Far Eastern, Festival, Midsummers Eve and even a Wild West scenario. There are lots of possibilities and it definately makes your event more memorable for both you and your guests. Remember to tell your guests about the theme or you could just leave it as a surprise for when they arrive!

Plan your event

So you have an idea. There are ways and means of putting it all in place. If you can get some friends involved and start to source some of your props. Second hand shops, car boot sales and of course our old friend ebay.

If you need to book anything then it needs to be sorted sooner rather than later. Caterers, bands, taxis and Yurts usually require booking a few months ahead.

Inform your guests

People lead busy lives and you want your friends and family to be able to attend. Let them know as soon as you have booked so it gives them plenty of time. Also inform your guests of how to get to the farm and also this website as well so they know what to expect. No one will want to miss out!

Local Accomodation

Some people will want to camp and others will want to stay at a bed and breakfast. We recommend the two travelodges that are fairly close by (7 miles approx). They are good value and serve the purpose regarding somewhere to stay with a roof! Book early enough and they are great value. We also have several B&B's and hotels of which a few of them are listed on our accomodation page. One idea is to organise a minibus to pick up some of your guests from the Travelodge at a certain time and then organise a times a minibus takes people home at the end of the evening. One important point is that you need to confirm the time that you are allowed to check in to the Travelodge.

Rubbish and Recycling

Always an important consideration at any event is that you will generate waste items at your event.

How we manage the situation is to provide recycling containers for the following: Glass, plastics, metal, paper, wood, food waste and landfill. We monitor quantities and the appropriate emptying of containers will occur during the event. Management of recycling can be challenging to say the least and a lot depends on each individual whether it is easier to just bin an item or actually make an effort in recycling. For instance if you have bought food in a container and you do not use it or there is some remaining then please empty the container out into the food waste bin and then recycle the container rather than binning the whole lot! Our recycling options covers the vast majority of materials and ideally we do not want any items for landfill. IF there has been little or no effort in attempting to recycle then we STILL have to sort all your waste items which takes time and is not much fun... If this occurence happens then there will be a surcharge on waste generation which we think is only fair.

The vast majority of waste management occurs on the sunday so it is worth grabbing some guests to help you tidy up! You are responsible for leaving the site in good condition.

It is worth mentioning that any items you have purchased for your party and could be used again at another event on the farm then please offer the items to us before binning it!