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The more decorations and effort that you put, in the better the results will be! 'Go strong' as the barn will come alive at night and it can really be quite spectacular! We can advise on how previous styles have worked.

Please note that when you are putting up the decorations you are responsible for your own safety regarding ladders etc! Do not take any unnecessary risks and ensure when you are decorating that there is someone else overseeing any use of ladders or scaffolding in the barn at all times.

Choose a theme if at all possible as this can inspire you with further ideas.

Have a Wild West (old cart and barrels already there) or perhaps a festival style celebration with lots of beautifully made cloth bunting draped in the barn. Or an old traditional countryside style where we can offer bygone farming memorobilia like milk churns, butter churn in the barn with a backdrop of fresh ivy from the farm. The barn has all sorts of possibilities!

We also have a scaffold tower which you able to use however this is AT YOUR OWN RISK. This has wheels and can easily be moved around the barn. We also have ladders and stepladders which you are able to use.