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The Farm

The barn is accessed by travelling down half a mile of private track and vehicles are parked in a field during an event. We are not liable for any damage that occurs to visitors vehicles while on the farm.

The Barn

The barn has no steps at the entrances or at the door connecting the main barn and the wagon bar. All the doors are wide and have to be manually opened. Under no circumstances must there be any obstruction of of any of the doors by any item. This willl be strictly enforced at all times.

Area surrounding the barn.

The areas around the barn are a mixture of concrete, stone and soil/earth. The access to the campsite from the barn is all at one level. We allow vehicles down to immediately outside the barn for any deliveries, caterers, the drop off/pick up of less mobile individuals etc

It is important to state that in the event of excessive rain this can lead to surfaces becoming slippery.


Our toilets have a reasonable amount of space inside however they are not suitable for wheelchair access. If you require wheelchair accessible toilets then please inform us as these need to be hired in at extra cost. At present there are steps outside the toilets and shower.