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Terms and Conditions.

Booking Deposit – (currently £250)

The agreed deposit must be paid to us on booking the event. This is to secure the date. Once this has been paid we will then confirm the booking and post/email over 2 copies of the terms and conditions form below. Please retain the second copy for your records. It is important to read these terms and conditions carefully. We also require a damage deposit for the duration of the event. See bottom of this page for details.




In order to hire the barn the Hirer understands and agrees to the terms below. The breaking of any of these conditions and the damage deposit will not be returned and additional costs may occur

1 - The hirer is responsible for the overall oversee of the premises  and equipment during the duration of the event.
2 - The use of the barn is only for private functions with an agreed number of attendees.
3 - No public advertising is permitted for the function.
4 - The hirer is responsible for the behaviour of people attending.
5 - No controlled substances are allowed on the premises.
6 - No consumption of alcohol is permitted by under 18’s
7 - Parking of vehicles on the site must be in designated areas and are the responsibility of the owners.
8 - Strictly no parking allowed on access roads. Vehicles will be removed.
9 - Strictly no parking in front of any access doors of any buildings. 
10 - No fires / barbeques are allowed other than in designated areas.
11 - Any noise including music must be kept under control and reduced after midnight to an acceptable level.
12 - Any damage to the property at Mahorall Farm must be reported. Repairs will be charged in full to the hirer.
13 – All equipment brought on to the site must be removed by the hirer no later than 24 hours after event.
14 – The barn may be decorated but decorations must be removed no later than 24 hours after the event.
15 – The use of sky lanterns or fireworks on the premises is an extreme fire risk and can endanger / frighten farm animals and is strictly not permitted.
16 – No amplified music is allowed outside the barn at any time
17 – All equipment including marquees, bouncy castles etc brought onto site must be stated and agreed by Mahorall Farm and remains the responsibility of the owner. All equipment must be removed no later than 24 hours  after the end of the duration. We are not responsible for security of any items.
18 – Water supplied on Mahorall Farm is not for drinking purposes.
19 – Farms can be dangerous places - All minors must be supervised by responsible adults AT ALL TIMES.
20 – Buildings and areas not included in the hire agreement are not to be used by attendees at any time
21 – All litter on site must be recovered by the hirer by the end of the agreed hire period
22 - We have the right to attend and monitor the event at any time.
23 – No generators or fuel storage containers are allowed on the site without prior permission.
24 – Smoking is against the law in any buildings and only allowed outside in designated areas.
25 – Mahorall Farm reserves the right to stop the event at any time if behaviour is deemed unacceptable.
26 – Mahorall Farm is not responsible for any injuries or accidents sustained by attendees during the duration.


The hirer can cancel up to a month before the date of the event. There is a charge of £50. If the cancellation is less than 1 month before the due date of the event the deposit is retained.


You are required to inform us of the exact number of people who are attending the event and also how many are intending to camp on the farm.

We request your guests to turn up over a period of time and for you not give an exact arrival time ie Midday - 1.00pm. This is to reduce congestion using Hope Bagot lane which is the single track lane from the Tenbury road. We also recommend you to inform your guests that access is easier if your guests approach from Tenbury Wells direction as the junction on the Tenbury road to Hope Bagot Lane is more difficult to negotiate from the Clee Hill direction. We can supply a road map if required. Please inform guests look at the directions page on the farm website.

Appropriate footwear for guests is advisable as there are grass and stoned areas - high heels would be susceptible to damage and are unsuitable.


Guest Parking is only allowed in the same field as the campsite or in yards when the ground is not suitable.
No vehicle is allowed in the tarmaced area by the farm shop except delivery vehicles and for guests which are elderly or less abled. This area is used for the car parking for customers visiting the shop which is open between Midday and 5.00pm every day.


Damage Deposit – (currently £250)

We require £250 in cash on your arrival for a damage deposit. If the terms and conditions listed above have not been adhered to and/or any damage has occurred during the hire period we will retain the deposit. The hirer is responsible for the behaviour of their guests. This will be returned after the site has been checked for damage by 3pm on the Sunday.