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Guest Parking.

There is a small tarmac car park next to the barn and the farm shop. This is to be kept clear of general guest vehicles as this is designated parking for customers who visit the farm shop.

We suggest that the people who want to camp park nearby to their tent and allowing plenty of space to allow other vehicles to move about. Extreme care must be taken when driving on the site to avoid accidents regarding people or property on the site.

For the people who are planning to drive off site at a later time we suggest that they park in the camping field alongside the access drive to the farm. This will be signposted on the site. .

It is important that there is no parking on general access areas eg roads and in front of the doors of buildings.

Tradesman Parking

If you are planning to have a disco, band or caterers then we allow the parking of these vehicles in the tarmac car park.