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Guest Information

The clue is in the name... its a party in a barn and the barn is on a farm! Not everyone has been lucky to go on a real farm and this is a real working farm!

SO If you have been lucky enough to be on the guest list for an event then please read the important information below.

Preparing for the event.

Please dress appropriately. Please bring warm clothing and wear sturdy shoes as there are several different types of surfaces on the site. There is concrete, stone and of course grass. If it is wet then surfaces can get muddy and slippery. Please take care when moving around the site for your own safety. In the event of wet weather there may be additional coverings on the grass to avoid damage. We do try and illuminate walkways however not all areas are lit so it is a good idea to bring a torch. Particularly useful if you are camping.

Getting to the Event

The farm is located in fairly remote countryside so please plan your route and know where you are going. Directions can be found here. Please do not rely on a sat nav as it may take you to a different farm! We have Brown Tourist signs on the Tenbury / Clee Hill road.


The farm has a long private access track. It is a hard surface but please take care when driving as the surface is uneven. It is extremely important that you drive slowly ie under 10 mph. We have cattle on the farm and they can be easily disturbed particularly if they only see a car at the last moment. If there are any cattle on the track they may not move instantly for you. Cars are very interesting for cattle so may just stand there - so please sound your horn briefly and they will then move for you.

Car parking is in the camping site. There will be a sign indicating where the campsite is located. If you are planning to leave at the end of the night in a car please park on the camping field close to the road. Do not park anywhere else including the car park for the farm shop.

If you are camping then you can take your car onto the campsite so it is next to your tent. Please take extreme care when driving on the site. No vehicles are allowed to move on the campsite at night.

You are responsible for your own property that you bring to the site. We are not liable for any theft or damage that may occur. Ensure you have everything before you go as we do not post any found items.

Be safe on site

Discarded litter is not only unsightly but can be dangerous to both humans and animals. Please treat the site with respect and place your litter in the containers provided. If you are aware of any broken glass on site please inform a member of staff immediately.

There are designated areas where guests are allowed to go. Do not open or climb any gates on the site - they are shut for a reason.

There is a farm walk if you want to do some exploring during the day and a guide leaflet is available in a red box on the wall by the farm shop entrance. Please return the leaflet once you have completed your walk. The farm walk is not suitable to use at night.

Always take care when moving around the site particularly at night.


Young children must be supervised at all times as farms can be very dangerous!

Lets Party!

We all like a great party but please do remember you are all guests on the farm and certain behaviour is unacceptable. The site is monitored by staff during an event.

The following is not tolerated - Controlled Substance Abuse, consumption of Alcohol by under 18's, purchasing of alcohol on behalf of an individual which is under 18, fireworks of any description including sky lanterns and sparklers, smoking in any building, intentional damage to any property on the farm.

Please make an effort to dispose of any 'rubbish' in the appropriate recycling containers which are on site. There are containers for Metal, Plastics, Food waste, glass and paper/cardboard.

The aftermath....

The site has to be left in a clean condition and everyone doing their bit tidying up and recycling as much as you possibly can really helps the cause. Please do do not just stuff everything in a bin bag for landfill!

Everyone has to have left the site by 4.00pm on the final day.