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Campsite Regulations.

All property on the campsite is the responsibility of the relevant owners. We urge responsible behaviour on the campsite by everyone whether they are camping or enjoying the campfire.


There is a designated site for a campfire. No other fires are allowed on the site. No disposable BBQ's are allowed that would burn the grass.

If you choose to have a campfire you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for any injuries whatsoever on the entire site. There is a water bucket provided on site to use as a fire fighting measure if required


There is a standpipe on the campsite. This is not to be used for drinking purposes. The water is available to use for washing hands / utensils.


Cars and small campervans can be parked on the campsite.When driving on the campsite extreme care must be taken.

camper vans and RV's

Small camper vans and caravans are allowed onto the campsite. Numbers and size of vehicles must be stated and agreed before the event. We do not allow large camper vans or Recreational Vehicles.

Additional temporary structures

Yurts, Bell Tents and bouncy castles provided by an external party can be erected on the campsite however these are your responsibility. No temporary structure is allowed within 10 metres from the bonfire site for saftey reasons. Any inflatable structures must be switched off at Dusk and are not permitted to run during the night.


As we are a working farm dogs we do not encourage dogs to be brought onto the site. If dogs are on site they MUST be under close control! This is strictly enforced!

Noise / Music

We welcome accoustic music however we do not allow any amplified music on the campsite at any time.


We supply containers for recycling and waste however these are located in only one area by the barn. Please be extra vigilant when glass is involved on the campsite. The campsite must have all property and rubbish removed at the end of the event.

The site must be cleared of all campers by 4pm by the latest on the Sunday.