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In 2009 I got married to my beautiful wife. Instead of of hiring a venue and / or an expensive marquee we decided to invest some money on a redundant barn on the farm instead to improve it for our wedding reception after our marriage at a local church. It took quite a bit of work as the building was in quite some disrepair! We looked at the project as an investment albeit we had to look hard for the light at the end of the tunnel!

The barn was originally used as a cattle shed during the winter and as time passed we used it as a storage shed come workshop.

Storage then started to turn into a dumping ground for all sorts of things so it was an ideal opportunity to sort it out once and for all.


So the clearing started first and heck we found a few things. Lots of things were recycled and sorted into things we wanted to keep.

Then the building work to block in gaps and to improve the fabric of the building and eventually we started to see something that was developing and it was becoming really quite exciting.

Once we had completed the fabric of the building we then began to decorate the inside. Lots of people helped and we begged borrowed and we managed to create something really quite superb. When the guests first came into the barn they were blown away with how much the building had transformed!


So many of our guests suggested that we ought to do this as a business and hire it out as a venue... and here we are today!